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Gaelscoil Aodha Rua, Dungannon

Tips for Home-Schooling

3rd Apr 2020

Home-schooling ....

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Whatever you wish to call our current educational arrangement, at this time, our main aim, as parents and teachers, must be to ensure the well-being, both physically & mentally of our children, whilst keeping their mind & brain active. We are currently living in very exceptional circumstances and as much as we are committed to supporting parents / guardians by providing a continuous supply of learning activities, we do not want you or your child to feel under pressure! Please use your own discretion and pick & choose the activities which work best around your own family schedule, if you have one and if not - that’s fine too! This is an emotionally challenging time for children - please do not put excessive pressure on them, or on yourselves as parents, to complete ALL school-based tasks.

Please remember that learning can take place in a wide range of scenarios in the home, without worksheets and websites! Please feel free to spend time cooking, gardening, playing, building & drawing with your child & try to make a pledge that you will read together every day! This is a time for building our children’s emotional well-being, helping them adapt to change, for instilling in them a sense of resilience and above all, for learning the value of being a family. When we come out the other side of this period, I think we will all have learned a lesson on how to appreciate the simple things in life! Educationally, our staff will pick up exactly where we left off when we return to school & we will ensure that the return to the school curriculum is seamless.

Enjoy this little presentation and remember that whatever you are doing with your child during this time, if they are happy, safe, secure and content - you are doing enough!